Driver’s License Renewals And Duplicates

Thib's Auto Titles & Tags Service

Services we Offer for Driver’s License:

  • Renewal Services
  • Duplicate Services
  • Address Changes
  • Veteran’s Label (must present DD-214 form or Honorable Discharge Letter)
  • Cajun’s Label
  • Register to Vote
  • TIP Card to Permit
  • Permit to Driver's License
  • Name changes on Driver's License
  • Out of State Conversion to Louisiana

Services we CAN NOT offer for Driver’s License:

  • CDL’s
  •  First-Time Issued Driver’s License
  •  Permits
  •  Can Not Administer the Driving Exam
  •  Can Not Administer any Testing of any kind
  •  Can Not Change Names on Driver’s License
  •  Can Not Handle Out-of-State Driver’s License
  • Can Not Add or Remove any Endorsement
  • TIP CARD (Temporary Instructional Permit)

What do I need to bring?

  • Old Driver’s License or ID (if have)
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Proof of Residency (bill or check stub)

*Customers under the age of 18 need a guardian and official letter from school)

Attention customers, due to DMV policy change, you will need to bring proof of insurance and also proof of residency for all driver's license transaction


Licensed Public Tag Agency & Authorized Service Provider of the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles.

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